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How to submit Maya problem

Please the first try this simple steps:

Be sure that you use the latest graphics card drivers before you post your problem.
Please follow these steps for submitting your problems to FurryBall forum - it will help faster solve your problem.
1) Send your System Info - Maya version, FurryBall version, graphics cards, CPU, RAM etc.
2) Send whole log from Maya output window
3) Describe deeply your problem. If your FurryBall STOPPED rendering, describe what was changed in your computer (new hardware, new software installation)
4) You can also send simple example (picture or scene)
Also be sure that you read FAQ

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Tobi Kenobi
Post  Post subject: Request for more license changes  |  Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:49 pm
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Hello AAA,

I am in an awkward situation for my license of FBRT. When I purchased the license, I soon upgraded my workstation to a new build. I did transfer my license to the newer system but, unfortunately that is now not in use. I am still troubleshooting what component became defective. It is likely my motherboard or m.2 drive after extensive testing. I have already had to RMA the motherboard, because it was defective. This 2nd mobo may be the same case, again... Essentially, I have given up on trying to fix the newer system that last had the registered license of FBRT. I was unable to deactivate the license properly in my haste to troubleshoot along with trying to repair and reinstall my OS of Windows 10. Because of this, I can not register FBRT on my older workstation. I can't afford to try and fix the issue due to the tight deadlines in my freelance work. I am trying to get my license to be registered on an older workstation that I am currently using. I honestly don't have the time to fix my newer workstation in my current situation with work and tight budget. My number of allowed "changes" has dwindled to 1 last change but I cannot even use it as the last registered license was on the newer workstation which currently has an OS that cannot boot. I tried repairing and reinstalling my OS multiple times and, again, I had to move back to my older workstation.

I am a little frustrated because I purchased the license many months ago BUT I never used it except for the week I bought the license. My freelance animation work schedule became incredibly busy after I bought FBRT. I have yet to use FBRT, since then. I animate for work more than I have time to render in my own spare time. I spent 400 dollars and now because of my unfortunate hardware and OS problems, I still cannot access my copy of FBRT due to the "change" limits and restrictions. I understand that the reason for limited changes is to counter piracy but given my own situation, that is hardly the case for me. I am just trying to have a stable and reliable workstation and it is only now that I have some free time to render with FBRT for personal use, not even for commercial use.

May I have more "changes" added to my account? I am hesitant on asking for only one change. I would rather have a handful of changes because of the issues I have had with Windows 10 breaking. In the span of 1 year, I have had to repair and reinstall Windows 10 SIX times, that is not an exaggeration. I don't want to have to message here every time Windows breaks.

I really enjoy using FBRT as my go-to GPU render when I get have the time to use it. It's changed and helped my workflow when I use it.
Any help for this is appreciated.


Tobi Kenobi

Post  Post subject: Re: Request for more license changes  |  Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 4:27 pm
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I see you have still one available change.
If you are not able to release your old license, try offline activation.
BTW, when you move to older workstation - where FurryBall already was - it's NOT count like a change of course...

Thank you for contacting us.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All the Best

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