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Dear users,
we are sorry to inform you, that we had to end development of our FurryBall after almost ten years!
We will give FurryBall for free to all users, but without any Maintenace and Support.
Because we have to keep our servers working, we have set the symbolic price 29,- EUR per year.
Hope you will understand us and keep using FurryBall if it fits you.
Thanks for all those nice years with GPU rendering.
Your FurryBall team

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Post  Post subject: Request for Zbrush & Daz Studio FurryBall Plugin  |  Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2014 6:38 am

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Zbrush has a huge and fast growing user base with only ONE render plugin on the way. Zbrush also has Fibermesh and spline.

Zbrushers NEED Furryball for these reasons:

- Zbrush4.7 is going 64bit next update, and opening up for render plugins
- Keyshot introduction is making Zbrushers excited about the idea of renderer plugins in their "virginal" workplace
- Keyshot HD (basic version) doesn't do animation, vertex or rigged, very disappointing for that price point
- Keyshot pro has some animation functionality but is TOO expensive for 98% of Zbrush users, and people are just finding that out and freaking out
- FurryBall's GPU usage balances Zbrush's CPU, has all the right middleware features, at a reasonable and affordable price point for indie artists
- Zbrushers hate node based anything, and it is possible to bypass nodes based material assignment in FurryBall
- Zbrush's most watched youtube video has nearly a million views, and that's only English speaking market. Gives some idea how huge the scene is.

Daz Studio has a developed and growing prosumer base with a few unstable render plugins. FurryBall will be welcome by Daz Studio users because:

- FurryBall is relatively more user-friendly compared to Octane from the looks of it
- the only Daz GPU plugin is Octane render plugin, currently extremely unstable; but the interest for fast GPU renderer is obviously there and very stirred up
- Daz Studio NEEDS a renderer that actually render animation(latest Octane or latest Reality-Luxrender tried but still fail to consistently render Daz animation)
- Daz users are STARVING for a progressive renderer that support Daz instancing, hair transparency and good-enough real-time reflection

Zbrush and DAZ users have certain "artist needs" in common - dislike fiddling with material nodes, like WYSIWYG, love iterative possibilities. Most importantly to FurryBall - they are NOT obsessed about Photo-realism.

Zbrush is as relevant as Maya in Hollywood productions now. Daz Studio also just added an AuxViewport for Interactive Preview Render (IPR) for any plugin that will support it, which excites its robust shopping-crazy community.

I hope to see FurryBall becoming more widely used.

Thanks and good luck.

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