Blender plugin ?
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Author:  Qwesto [ Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Blender plugin ?

If read carefully, what I've written:

Volcano uses whatever works best of both renders (cycles/blender internal = raytracer/rasterizer) + open gl [link in last post!] + they try to tweak nvidia optix and package all this into an addon (plug in). We'll see, what they come up with, if I'm right it's actually similar to your plugin.


Volcano have already done the first step, so it would be a race. Users pay for several addons, like vray etc. google it. Blender is free. Many little companies and freelancers, including me, would pay the price with support, IF there would be a Furryball plug in (like it is for vray) cause a company concerned with paid development and service takes better care of the product! I wouldn't have to pay for a full Maya version + subscription, do the math.

I don't know if your advanced experiences and knowledge about optix could make a difference here and it's not up to me, to decide or research.

Your company is fine with Maya, Max, Cinema and wherever makes sense in the future, from my personal point of view :)

Hope it's more clear now, sry ;)

Author:  Jan_Tomanek [ Mon Feb 02, 2015 8:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Blender plugin ?

OK, thanks. Now it's more clear to me.
But FurryBall 5 will be RAYTRACE only... we removed rasterize in new version, because of many problems.
But our primary raytraced rays will be almost same speed like rasterize ones.

Author:  Qwesto [ Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Blender plugin ?

Raytracing only: Okay, I wondered a bit during your poll for Furry 5 about the question, thanks for the hint. As long as it's no downer in quality or speed or even both is boosted, it's a good thing! Yeah and there's one thing more to mention: A big factor in all of this is the far better (newer) viewport of Maya/Max and Cinema, Blender's viewport is going to be recoded this year and in conjunction with optix, there might be a lot of additional coding to do, in terms of seemless integration of a potential addon. The problem with Blender is sometimes, that the community codes unpaid for the proggy, mostly when they need a tool for their own work/cv/portfolio. If the persons are busy, it can take a longer time. If really important, the dev team of Blender takes care and pays the right people, but they need the cash from funding. Since the rise of gpu rendering and the need for the viewport to be recoded, it might be that the dev team will open the door for a Furryball plug and what the Volcanos are working on, might just be a temporary solution, til it's done.



Author:  Astahoe [ Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Blender plugin ?

Well, I did just registered to write this. I am as well interested in blender plugin.

Look, blender people are growing in numbers and skill as well. Some of us just learned Blender and since production quality is good, we start to use it for commercial projects. I am artist in engineering company. Most of my work is doing 3d and blender is tool of choice. Not becasue of price, but because I know how to work with it. I have seats for about 10 other softwares. My company would gladly buy me seat for furyball aswell if that would ease my work. Which unfortunateally now does not.

Now to answer why, when we have cycles. Well, the speed of course. The money we can spare on paid renderfarm would paid off in about month and half. Not speaking about incomparable live preview. Faster I can sent preview, sooner I get feedback, sooner I make changes.

So, all I wanted to say, that it does not matter if the software is free. What matter is if there is enough people who can use it. And if answer is yes, then it will we brought to the companies. It's not about money, it's about time I would have to spent to learn software you support.

Author:  Jan_Tomanek [ Thu Jul 30, 2015 8:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Blender plugin ?

You can be right, but I'm afraid that main user base of Blender is not company, but students and small freelancers who create still images and the most important for them is, that Blender is FREE.
We know, that Blender is also in studios but as other software and not main pipeline.

But never say never... but the main priority now is Cinema 4D.

Author:  mistAjuliax [ Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Blender plugin ?

Jan_Tomanek wrote:
You can be right, but I'm afraid that main user base of Blender is not company, but students and small freelancers who create still images and the most important for them is, that Blender is FREE.
We know, that Blender is also in studios but as other software and not main pipeline.

But never say never... but the main priority now is Cinema 4D.

Blender plugin +1 :D I hope this will come true :)
What about 3ds max plugin ? Any chance to have a release this year ?

Author:  afecelis [ Thu May 05, 2016 3:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Blender plugin ?

Sorry for bumping into an old thread, but I couldn't help commenting on it.
2) Are Blender users used to pay for plugins...? I doubt.

With all due respect, what a short-visioned entrepreneur you are Sir. Blender has matured enough to become a viable alternative for professional work, (specially after people's disappointment with companies like Autodesk killing a program like Softimage just to get rid of competition, not caring for the strong-orphaned community that was left behind), as well as a viable platform to develop external-commercial stuff for it.
Blender has gotten major rendering plugins developed for Thea render, Indigo, Vray and Octane among others (Renderman, as well). The fact that blender is free/open source, doesn't mean that every user who works with it is not making a decent living out of it, and that he doesn't have an extra buck to spare and get a tool that will improve its workflow. In my case, I have purchased all of the plugins I mentioned above (except for renderman, but I have already reserved an amount from my next project to buy it). Sure, cycles is very powerful, and it's getting better day by day, but that's precisely the wonder of 3d, having as many tools as possible to make your vision become a reality. According to your train of thought, only 3dsmax and Maya deserve to get a ton of renderers developed for them because they are the "sure" thing and they cost several thousand dollars, and not blender because it's free. Have you at least taken the time to check blender's features? I invite you to check them out:
Blender's scripting language (Python) offers an easy platform to develop plugins for anything, given a programmer with enough skills.

In my case, I dropped 3dsmax several years ago after getting tired of being squeezed on a yearly basis just to pay for upgrades that would offer the same bloated software, slower on each release. I placed all my bets on blender, and with he money I saved I was able to get tools like better render engines. Nowadays, blender has gotten a great renderer and has matured a lot and people are developing a whole-wide range of commercial plugins (besides renderers) that have made of blender a very powerful 3d alternative.

I think it's the other way around, your company's business scheme still orbits around a model from 20 years ago, in which you could only develop stuff for a very precise segment of the market, and has gotten left behind by the dynamic of new developments, new communities and the fact that open source doesn't mean "bad quality" anymore. In other words, it's not that blender is not ready for you, it's that you guys are not ready for blender or any new challenge anymore. You guys are so 90's.

what a short-visioned entrepreneur you are sir.

best regards,
Alvaro F. Celis

Author:  Jan_Tomanek [ Thu May 05, 2016 8:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Blender plugin ?

Thanks for your comments.
I don't doubt that Blender is used by professionals or it's "bad quality", but the main core are people who WANTS free and open source stuff.

So this is why we afraid go to Blender. Our higher priority is 3DS Max now. But never say never... ;)

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