Trying to delete Furryball Render Nodes
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Author:  corsair08 [ Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Trying to delete Furryball Render Nodes

I installed the free version of Furry Ball- I am not happy with it and want to uninstall it as it is corrupting my scenes. And now I am also getting a licence problem which I don't really want to waste time fixing since I just want to uninstall the program...

The problem is that I saved a file in Maya 2014 while Furry Ball was loaded. I haven't added any furry ball materials or lights, although I did try to render the scene unsuccesfully (probabably because I have a very large model with a lot of textures and normal maps and only a 2GB card).

I updated to Maya 2015 and did not install Furr Ball. This caused an error every time I tried to open the file, and the script editor showed it was looking for furry ball.

To solve this, I was forced to install Furry Ball to Maya 2015. I am now trying to close Furry Ball (by de-selecting it from the plugin manager), but I get a warning sign that I cannot do this as it will corrupt the file. It suggests "Flushing" first but I cannot find how to do that.

Please adivse as this probem is driving me crazy. I do not want to save any other files with FurryBall open in fear it will cause the same problems, especially if myself or someone needs to open the file in a conmputer without Furry Ball installed.

I have tried OPTIMIZE FILE / SCENE without success, and also saved it as a .ma file. I opened the file in notepad and deleted any references I saw to FurryBall. The problem is, I don't know which parts still refer to FurryBall immediately after the command line containing the word FurryBall. eg.

createNode furryBallRenderSettings -n "Bamboo_Ends:furryBallRenderSettingsDefault";
createNode furryBallGlobal -n "Bamboo_Ends:furryBallGlobal";
setAttr -l on ".versionBuild" 3522;
lockNode -l 1 ;
createNode furryBallGISettings -n "Bamboo_Ends:furryBallGISettings";
lockNode -l 1 ;
createNode blinn -n "Bamboo_Ends:Bamboo_End1";

Not sure if I should delete this immediately after:

setAttr ".rfl" 0.0099999997764825821;
createNode shadingEngine -n "Bamboo_Ends:blinn1SG";
setAttr ".ihi" 0;
setAttr ".ro" yes;
createNode materialInfo -n "Bamboo_Ends:materialInfo1";
createNode groupId -n "Bamboo_Ends:groupId2";
setAttr ".ihi" 0;
createNode file -n "Bamboo_Ends:file1";

Your help would be greatly appreciated as I am getting very frustrated with this and wish I had never installed the free version in the first place. A command to get rid of any FurryBall render nodes would be ideal.

Author:  Jan_Smejkal [ Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Trying to delete Furryball Render Nodes

1) Without FurryBall plugin loaded, open settings for Optimize Scene Size from Maya File menu, find Remove: unknown nodes and click on Optimize Now button.
2) Save scene and open again, in script editor you can find something like:
// Warning: line 0: Unrecognized node type for node 'furryBallGlobal'; preserving node information during this session. //
// Warning: line 0: Unrecognized node type for node 'furryBallGISettings'; preserving node information during this session. //
If yes, unlock this nodes, call:
lockNode -l off furryBallGlobal;
lockNode -l off furryBallGISettings;
3) Save scene and open again and continue with step 1)
Best Regards.

Author:  corsair08 [ Sat Aug 01, 2015 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Trying to delete Furryball Render Nodes

Hi Jan,

Thank-you for your help and detailed reply
Sorry for the very late reply on my part. I followed your instructions and they did not work on Maya 2015, but I have just tried again with Maya 2016 and it seems to have cured the problem. There must have been a bug in Maya 2015 that did not allow me to clear the nodes.

Thanks again and apologies for the very late reply!

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