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Post  Post subject: Glad to see something great.  |  Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:30 am

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Hay guys first post so let me introduce myself a bit, I'm an amature 3D artist and I've been doing 3D work as a hobby for a while now and i'm really glad that there's a decent GPU renderer that's relatively easy to use for Cinema 4D (though not well documented and still in beta but hay at least something is better than nothing) I've been looking into this for a while now and most of the GPU based renderers uses CUDA which i dont have since ATI card or are for Maya or 3DS max which i also dont like using (yucky interface is yucky). One thing that has really bugged me for a long time now is the ridiculous render times for my fun projects so i'm really happy to adopt this renderer.

My initial reaction to this was oh wow nothing works but i read through some of the documentations for a bit and realized that i'm just doing it wrong after a bit of tinkering i thought it was kind of cool but there's definitely alot missing. I really like how well the software merges with Cinema 4D but there's quite a few things that i do wish was there. The look of the renders do feel a bit different than what i'm originally used to with the Cinema 4D default renderer but it's nothing that I cant really figure out a style that I like over time. However it's really disappointing that there's a bunch of features that are missing and a few that i really wish from an interface stand point.

Here's a few features that as a novice 3D artist would really love to have maybe in later releases. Please and thankyou :)

Hair rendering: I dont know about everyone else but I love hair simulations and I love how they look. Over the years I've got down quite a few decent techniques for the creation of hair by using Cinema 4D's hair simulator and I really miss this in FurryBall and considering it's name, I cant imagine that it would be missing out on this feature. I just would really love it if it has some sort of tight intigration with Cinema 4D's built in hair system :)

Material converter: I find that a common trend with most plugin renderers is that they have their own set of textures that isn't really compatible with whatever the default renderer of the system is. Maya's Mental Ray doesn't uses default Maya textures, Vray for Cinema 4D has it's own thing and doesn't really do well with the Cinema 4D default textures well either. However I'm sure some people are really used to how the default texture systems work in their native programs and if it would be possible, you can make a button (maybe right click and then click convert to furryball textures?) and have the default textures be converted to the best approximation of the renderer specific textures that would be very helpful.

GPU usage limit for active render view: I've noticed that when i open the active renderer, my view port slows down significantly, maybe we can add some kind of limit so that you can only use up some percent of the GPU so the view port is still functional while using the active render view?

Video Tutorials: Yes please and thank you with much love.

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