About sampling and antialiasing
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Author:  wondrs [ Thu Feb 07, 2013 2:02 pm ]
Post subject:  About sampling and antialiasing

- Samples per output pixel is to be computed, ie. for value of 2 means one output pixel is filtered from 2x2 = 4 samples, that means GPU have to render the image in 2x resolution ( i.e. 600x600 for 300x300 output image)*
*Current maximum resolution on GPU is 8192x8192, therefore output size multiplied by render samples cannot exceed this limit. FurryBall will automatically lower the size if exceeded.
- General anti-aliasing
- consumes memory and render time
- recommended to use integral values

- extremely effective for high frequency geometry (e.g. hair/fur)
- much lower performance hit than sampling
- automatically disabled when maximum resolution on GPU reached

Multipass Multisampling
- Achieves higher Quality/Antialiasing by rendering the image several times. Trades higher quality for longer rendering times.
- similar effect as samples except textures sampling (with higher resolution - using samples - you can sample also textures in higher resolution)
- consumes only render time, not memory

Recommended Settings Are 2, if necessary 3 samples with jitter and 2 or more multisamples if needed.

1 sample, no jitter and 1 multisample, 2 seconds 355 MB

2 samples, no jiter and 1 multisample, 4 seconds 646 MB

1 sample, jiter enabled and 1 multisample, 2 seconds 409 MB

1 samples, no jiter and 2 multisamples, 4 seconds 355 MB

2 samples, jiter enabled and 2 multisamples, 5 seconds 864 MB

DoF use supersampling attribute
- Useful in scenes with high defocus and thin geometry

Without using DoF supersampling

Using DoF supersampling

Author:  johan_laurent [ Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: About sampling and antialiasing

(with higher resolution - using samples - you can sample also textures in higher resolution)

Could you explain this... Usually I get a nice anti-aliasing with decent speed, however my png-jpeg textures get then effected by the antialiasing making them not so sharp.. is this a way to get around this?

use Multipass-Multisampling on shapes/objects but not on textures ?

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