FurryBall is a plugin for Autodesk Maya 2010/2011/2012 which combines interactive viewport and final production quality rendering and thus can be extremely effective tool for all Maya users.

FurryBall uses the power of the latest GPU (graphics processing unit) technology and brings production quality rendering as well as interactivity. One of the advantages over other renderers is that FurryBall is integrated into Maya and needs no time-consuming data conversion.

Art And Animation Studio is a graphics studio in Prague, Czech Republic. Art And Animation Studio always tries to use top-notch technologies to maximize effectiveness. Although graphics hardware with its huge power has been here for several years now, there is just a minimum of solutions using its possibilities in professional graphics field. That is why FurryBall project was started, although the first concept was to use it for internal use only. As the word spread and new possibilities were shown, it has become obvious that there are many studios with the same demands and FurryBall is now being presented publicly.

Art And Animation Studio's first full-length CGI feature movie Goat Story has been created using Autodesk Maya and rendered with RenderMan software renderer. Due to inadequate render times final model/animation/lighting tuning was extremely time consuming and difficult. This was the main reason why Art And Animation Studio decided to develop its own GPU powered renderer.

Now Art And Animation Studio works on sequel movie called Goat Story with Cheese, which will be fully rendered in FurryBall.

Copyright 2009-2011, Art And Animation studio

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